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August 23, 2013 by operationremie

So next week is the event! I’m so excited to have the second tournament. Last year was so much fun and I do hope that this year is just as much fun. While some artists had last minute scheduling conflicts and were not able to make their donations happen, I do feel what I was able to get will be awesome. So, here are the updates for the event.

For the standard event, the top 4 will be receiving play mats instead of the top 8. The bottom 4 (5th-8th) will receive a signed print of their choosing from the four I put up, which I haven’t decided yet. But! The top 8 will also receive some really awesome foil alters that were anonymously donated to me. They are all done in the video game Halo style but I think you guys will enjoy them. What are they, you ask? Top. Solemn. Sol Ring. Ancient Tomb. Jitte. Disk. Batterskull. Duplicant. So I think that will make up for that. Standard is going to be $35 and include door prize tickets.

For the EDH event, it will all be based on how many people want to participate. Just going to throw this out there to start. NO PROXIES. Proxies will not be allowed at the event since it will be sanctioned. Plus, I just don’t like proxies. The event will be pod-based and follow the official EDH banned list. For example, if 16 people want to play, we’ll have 4 pods of 4 people. The winner of each pod will go into the winners bracket pod and play for the grand prize: full art alters of all 10 Return to Ravnica/Gatecrash keyrunes as well as a custom leather deck box that was all donated. The deck box can hold an EDH deck in it so it’s a perfect prize. The more people, the more pods. We will figure things out for EDH on the day of the event for pods with the judge that will be there but it’ll be a great time. Remember, EDH starts after round 2 is over so if you don’t feel like you’re going to do well, you can still join. EDH is going to be $20 and include door prize tickets.

But if you’re interested in doing both, don’t worry! I have you covered. You can participate in both Standard and EDH (you would have to drop out of Standard after round two to do EDH) and only pay $40 and get the same amount of door prize tickets as everyone else! Also, if you don’t know if you want to do EDH until you’re second round is over, you would only have to pay $5! You don’t get any extra tickets but I’m not going to make things an issue for everyone.

I am going to have pizza and soda/water again this year. Probably $5 for a drink and X amount of slices (X will be made when I see the pizza since I have no idea how the place I’m getting it from does it). There will also be baked goods as well!

Lastly, there will be two vendors to buy and sell cards. First, The Coliseum Games and Hobbies out of Norwich, CT and ConnectiCon Member Shop from Newington, CT.

I haven’t figured everything out for silent auctions and door prizes yet but there will be plenty of things to choose from and some pretty awesome stuff. I think everyone will have a great time. And there are some surprises that I can’t wait for people to see at the event.


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